5 Ways AI Can Supercharge Your Marketing in 2024

AI is here with a vengeance. By the end of the year, it’s expected to boost marketing productivity up to 40%. But how can you make AI work for you? If harnessed correctly, it could help you offer hyper-personalized customer experiences. It can basically give you a roadmap to your customers’ unique needs in real time.

The Power of Prediction

The element of guesswork in traditional marketing is on the brink of shrink, thanks to AI’s data-backed predictive modeling. AI can personalize product recommendations based on past browsing history and purchase patterns, and suggest ultra-grabby subject lines. By quickly analyzing a wealth of historical data across multiple channels of content, AI will help us pinpoint the patterns that drive our customers’ impact and engagement. More importantly, it’s prediction capabilities could quickly steer us toward hero content and away from dud content.

Precise Audience Intelligence

Who is your target audience? By aggregating first and third-party data (demographics, psychographics, attitudes, and behaviors), AI can provide data-driven consumer intelligence. It stays current by continually integrating market research and behavioral signals. 

Chatty Chatbots

Chatbots are getting more chatty and less botty, thanks to NLP (natural language processing). This means chatbots are getting better at handling initial contact questions, and better at detecting when it’s time to transfer chats to human agents. Chatbots will continue to improve and are expected to deliver even better customer support over time.

Higher-Converting Sites

A new era of data-driven design through testing and optimization has begun. Algorithms can now track, test, and suggest website page layouts, content flow, and calls to action with precision. 

Multi-Channel Integration

Through centralized data that’s being aggressively aggregated into connected models and “data lakes,”, AI will make it easier for us to deliver unified messages across search, social media, email, and advertising channels. 

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